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Why Partner With Triangle ATM?

We’re Local & Community Based
With Triangle ATM, it’s all about the you – the customer. Not only will you be getting the area’s most reputable provider of ATMs and ATM service, but you’ll be working with a proud local company involved in the community. Because we’re your neighbors, you’ll always be guaranteed swift, personal and friendly assistance – the hallmarks of our entire operation.
Experience Counts!
While most of the national ATM companies only want to cater to large businesses and organizations, Triangle ATM focuses on the backbone of the Piedmont area economy – small businesses and local events. So whether you own a gas station, manage a sports complex or organize a special event, we’ll customize your ATM service to your particular and individual needs.

No matter the venue, we have the experience you need for all types of ATM operations.
  • Large Single Day Events

    Here are just a few of the many special events we’ve helped with our ATM service:

    • Seymour Johnson Air Show
    • Bruce Springsteen
    • Tim McGraw
    • Bon Jovi
    • Hannah Montana
    • ...and dozens more!

    For these large, single day type of events, it’s absolutely essential to have many ATMs on call and ready to go. Each Triangle machine is vaulted to capacity, because our experience shows that money will be withdrawn quickly, over a brief period of time. For events like these, Triangle ATM brings in extra units, so that customers have instant access to cash – money that will be used inside the venue for refreshments, souvenirs, and merchandise. Triangle ATM makes certain your machines arrive on time, in working order and ready for business the moment the gates open.

  • Multi-Day Events

    Some special events span days instead of hours – and Triangle ATM is prepared here as well. These events differ from the large single day events because it’s vital to keep machines up and running over a longer period of time.

    For example, we’ve provided flawless ATM services for:

    • Music Festivals
    • Trade and Craft Shows
    • The Buck Master Expo
    • Market America
    • ...and many, many more!

    Besides planning and vaulting, our machines are constantly monitored and refilled as needed – making sure your guests and customers have access to the cash they need – when they need it.

  • Normal Day to Day Businesses

    Not every day can be filled with concerts and trade shows, so the majority of our clients are local businesses and companies, outfitted with ATMs that fill the needs of their customers, future clients, and passers-by.

    Like what kind of companies?

    • Progress Energy Performing Art Center
    • Greensboro Coliseum
    • Local Area Gas Stations
    • Music and Entertainment Venues

    Triangle ATM prides itself in keeping all of our equipment in top working order, ready for action at a moment’s notice. When you receive your Triangle ATM, rest assured it’ll be working as promised - ready to serve your customers and your bottom line!

Consistent, Reliable Operation
ATM machines are extremely reliable, but remember: They are still machines, and all machines need proper maintenance and sometimes repair. This is an integral and vital part of our business – making sure the ATM’s at your location work, and work right. After all, both our profits are depending on it!
  • Top Notch Equipment
    Our ATM fleet consists of the three finest brands in the industry, Nautilus Hyosung, Tranax and Triton ATM. Not only do we distribute these ATMs, we’re also certified technicians - with the full capacity to repair and update these machines as necessary. We even stock spare parts, making sure any repair time is kept to a minimum.

  • Mobile Units
    Whenever you need extra machines in a hurry, our mobile ATM units are ready to roll! This gives Triangle ATM an advantage over our competitors, because we have the capacity to meet your needs for large attendance or large volume events. You’ll have full access to these machines - at no extra cost - when they are needed.
When our machines need vaulting or servicing, they’re smart enough to let us know! We monitor every one of our ATMs 24 hours/day, seven days/week. We constantly know their operational status as well as their actual cash content.
Timely Payments
Of course, you expect timely payouts – and that’s exactly what you’ll receive. All clients receive a monthly revenue payment, plus a detailed statement with the following information:
  • Summary of daily withdrawals
  • Monthly summary
  • 13 month activity sheet to show activity over time [download a sample]
This is one of the cornerstones of our business. We’re local and easy to reach. We respond to all issues in a timely, courteous and professional manner. Remember, as our client you are never an intrusion – you’re our lifeblood.

You’ll have direct access to our office and staff, which allows for quick responses and personal service. If your needs change, just let us know. We’ll work with you and do whatever we can to accommodate any reasonable request.
Partnering With The Best
Two companies provide expert support in our operations, RBS Lynk and International Merchant Services. RBS Lynk, which processes our transactions and works with all the major networks, is the country’s second largest ATM processor.
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